• Heaven’s House, staff are Professional Child Visitation Providers whose duty is to ensure the safety of the children, both parents and themselves over the course of the Non-Custodial parents parenting time. Heaven’s House program is also aimed at affordability for our clients. Heaven’s House projection is to form a safe, affordable, fun and welcoming environment for all parties […]

  • Teaching skills to parents of children 5 and under to enhances their child’s early reading.  

  • Our goal with our CPR and first Aid Certification program is that all of our families have proper training in saving their families. It is imperative that all families have the access to provide safety to each other. Certification for families who are affected by domestic violence is if the up most importance. Low rate certification for […]

  • Y-Empowerment Inc. will be offers bi-yearly retreats for all youth who have witnessed or experienced domestic violence within their family. A summer and a winter retreat in which we will take them out of their element to a place where they can interact with other youth who have experienced their same issues, and give them […]

  • This program is our day to day work. Weekly meetings for youth to meet up and have a positive peer-to-peer interaction. This is a time for them to open up and address any issues that they have been having in their home and they will encourage one another with ideas that they have done to […]

  • Another educational program that we offer to adults are parenting classes. Whether it be for court ordered or not. We understand that people may have not made the best choices when it comes to parenting. We want to give everyone who comes through our doors the chance to better themselves to become a better parent. Along […]

  • Darkness to Light, Stewards of Children Training for local providers who work with children and training for parents and families. Our goal in these trainings, is to arm parents, organizations, and anyone who are directly in contact with children, the proper information that is needed to protect children from sexual abuse.      “We need to […]

  •   Packs of essential hygienic needs of families just leaving a domestic violence situation.  Bath soap, toothpaste, deodorant etc…​ Monthly check ups for families who are still in transition.

  • As people leave a domestic violence relationship, some may need emergency services. Our start up boxes of basic food items and packs of essential hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste and deodorant are for families just leaving a domestic violence situation and monthly food boxes for families who are still in the transition of moving on from a -domestic […]