Heaven’s House, staff are Professional Child Visitation Providers whose duty is to ensure the safety of the children, both parents and themselves over the course of the Non-Custodial parents parenting time. Heaven’s House program is also aimed at affordability for our clients. Heaven’s House projection is to form a safe, affordable, fun and welcoming environment for all parties in the matter, especially the children.

Heaven’s House, is designed to unite children with their non-custodial parent in a safe and inviting atmosphere. The number of court-ordered visitation for non-custodial parents is on the rise. The courts have many reasons why they may deem necessary that a parent should be monitored during their visits: Allegation of Abuse- Sexual, Physical and Emotional; Domestic Violence; Child Alienation;Neglect and a vast array of other potential reasons. When the Judge orders supervised visitations, the non-custodial parent must find an affordable, safe, and comfortable way to interact with their child(ren). Heaven’s House, has been created to accomplish that goal.

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