Another educational program that we offer to adults are parenting classes. Whether it be for court ordered or not. We understand that people may have not made the best choices when it comes to parenting. We want to give everyone who comes through our doors the chance to better themselves to become a better parent. Along with the parenting class program, Y-Empowerment Inc. also coordinates retreats for parents to get more understanding and insight into what they can further do to better their families. Family retreat directly after completion of their parenting classes that has family challenges that will put to test their parenting skills. We will conduct group meetings for parents to meet outside of classes for fellowship and peer-to-peer fellowship. Lastly, we will also make sure that we are doing a monthly follow up on every parent that comes through the program so as to address any issues.

  • ​Group classes for court ordered clients.

  • Retreats for parents.

  • Retreat for families.

  • Monthly follow up events for individuals and families to keep on track.

  • Group meetings for parents to meet outside of the classes for fellowship.