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Supervised Visitation
Our goal is to form a safe, affordable, fun and welcoming environment for all parties in the matter, especially the children.
Anger Management Classes
Whether you have a court order to complete classes or you just want to better yourself we can help you.
Sexual Abuse Prevention Classes
Darkness to Light, Stewards of Children Training for local providers who work with children and training for parents and families.
Parenting Classes
We want to give everyone who comes through our doors the chance to better themselves to become their best for their children.
CPR First Aid Certification
CPR & First Aid Training
It is imperative that all families can provide safety to each other. Certification for families who are affected by domestic violence is of the utmost importance.

Our Experience


Helping Empower
Kern County's Youth

Y-Empowerment has always thrived to maintain affordable services.

Our biggest concentration being on serving our youth through activities and classes that encourage them to meet together and express themselves through playing music and learning basic skills, while at the same time, giving them an opportunity to get away from issues that they may be facing at home. Our goal is for these classes to remain free of charge! With donations directly to the Youth Services, you can help foster the growth of our local youths mental and physical wellbeing! We extend our sincerest gratitude any donation amount. You will truly make a difference!

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We Have Served More Than
8,000 Kern County Families